Artist Development at TribeSound Records

Artist Development at TribeSound Records

Artist Development at TribeSound Records

When owner Chris Cotter first started, managing and performing in his first successful touring band at the age of 21, he had no idea how to survive in the music industry. Over the years, as he learned the in’s and out’s of the industry, made mistakes, and beat his head against the wall, Chris had wished that there were someone there to mentor him. Someone to teach him how to be more successful at promotion and production, and in the industry in general. That experience led Chris to creating the Artist Development program here at TribeSound Studios. We believe that artists should have the knowledge and help that Chris was searching for. Below is a list that we have put together for the artists. It serves as a checklist for things that they should be thinking about while pursuing and enhancing their musical career. While we offer do these services through the studio, we encourage the artists to take and use these guidelines to further their own careers.

Production – TribeSound can provide you with a producer for your project. As an unbiased listener, the producer can give you experienced and informed feedback about your project, and help you to make your recording

Session Musicians – With our network of session musicians, we are able to offer you a variety of textures and sounds that could add to your recording. From saxophone solos to string quartets, and everything in between, if you feel your song needs something that you can’t play, we can help you out.

Mastering – Mastering your CD is crucial to a finished product. We work with mastering houses to offer the ability to provide you with a polished album that you can be proud of.

Artwork – TribeSound offers different design options for the packaging of your CD’s. We also have an excellent graphic designer who will work with you to create an eye catching, professional looking package. See price list to view pricing and common packaging options.

Promotional Packages – As an artist seeking promotion for booking and radio play, you’ll need a professional and creative press kit. We can do that. You might also need business cards, T-shirts, posters, post cards, and everything in between. We can do that too.

Web Design – We can offer you tips and tricks to help you spruce up your Facebook and Myspace pages, but sometimes, Likes aren’t enough. We can also help to develop a profession website devoted to your project.

Video Production – We have the ability to produce a music or promotional video for any project, under any budget. Costs vary depending on the number of cameras, specialty shots, permits, and location.

Professional Photography – Head shots, promo shots, photos for album art. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t have to cost a thousand bucks. We can set you up with photographers to get the pictures you need to promote yourself and your album.

Copyright – We copyright your material with the US copyright office. ARTISTS RETAIN 100% OF THEIR COPYRIGHT. This is why you’re paying us for recording; you’re putting your money out there and you should have complete control of your art and own your own masters. For more information and to copyright your own work, please visit 

Professional Organization Registration – We will help you to decide and register for any of the myriad of professional organizations, such as ASCAP and BMI

Publishing – Once you’re finished your CD let us help you sell it! We can help you find licensing for your music while you maintain ownership.

Booking and Management – Inquire about booking and management possibilities.

Physical Distribution – We use CD baby and TribeSound Records to sell hard copies of your CD. Artist gets 100% of the income from their CD Sales through the site. Artist must pay for shipping costs if those costs exceed the shipping and handling charges attached to their CD. Other arrangements can be discussed for larger retail coverage.

Digital Distribution – We will set up your album to be digitally distributed on a national basis through top merchants such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and more. – This is our own digital distributor, which gives you the best deal available for you to make money on MP3 and CD sales on the web. The artist gets 2.5 gigs of space to post collaborative works and media, as well as selling their MP3’s files online for the best rate on the internet.

Nielsen Sound Scan – Nielsen Sound Scan is an information system that tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Sales data from point-of-sale cash registers is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) outlets. Weekly data is compiled and made available every Wednesday. Nielsen Sound Scan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts.

Entertainment Law – If you ever have a question about entertainment law, don’t hesitate to ask. We have one of the best entertainment lawyers in the country on retainer. Ron Beinstock has represented countless professional artists and is happy to help us answer your questions. Check out his website at

GRAMMY Submissions – Chris Cotter, owner of TribeSound Records, is proud to be a voting member or the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy. This gives him the opportunity to submit projects that he’s worked on for GRAMMY nomination.

NOTE: Not all services are included in the album cost, and may incur extra charges and fees. Please contact us for a list of options, prices, and fees.