TribeSound Records

TribeSound Records is a high end analog & digital recording studio located in West Chester, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. In addition to our professional recording studio, we offer, full production, publishing, music video production, and independent record label support.

Not only do we love creating excellent recordings in our studio, it’s also important to us that our clients have a great experience at every session. We pride ourselves on having a solid understanding of our gear, a diligent work ethic, and an insatiable appetite for making awesome music. Our engineers, producers, and session musicians are top notch technicians and artists.

Sessions are by appointment only, contact us to arrange a tour. We hope you enjoy exploring our site!

Examples of Our Work

Song Production

Working with a music producer and session musicians can really bring your songs to life. The producer’s role is typically compared to that of a film director as they guide the majority of the processes involved in the creation of a record while fueling the artist’s creativity and helping them fulfill their vision. Working with a well-matched producer can be crucial to the sound of your record.

Check out a few before and after tracks from some of our clients.

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