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Welcome to TribeSound Records

TribeSound Records is a high end analog & digital recording studio located in West Chester, PA just outside of Philadelphia. In addition to our professional recording studio we offer mastering, production, publishing, artist development, video production and independent record label support.

Listen to a few examples of our recent work, recorded at the TribeSound Studio.

Electrical Ellipses - Hot Wheels

TribeSound Records is a high-end recording studio located in West Chester just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We strive for a high quality product and a great experience on every job. We achieve this through a solid understanding of our equipment, a diligent work ethic, and an insatiable appetite for making awesome music. TribeSound Records was forged on the principle that the creation of music must stay paramount in our lives and the lives of our clients.

We strive to help others succeed in the music industry by helping to navigate this sometimes overwhelming and confusing industry. We supply our clients with top quality recordings and the necessary information to help them develop into a well-organized and well-educated business in the music industry.

Albums – Demos – Voice Over – Song Writing

Artist Development – Multimedia- Global Collaboration

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Studio Recording

Our two studios are equipped with industry standard pro audio gear as well as special pieces we’ve gathered over the years. We have a growing collection of analog outboard gear and sonically amazing microphones which is how we get our sought after big warm sound. Once we dial in the sounds we’re looking for with our outboard gear we have state of the art digital converters and software for flexible editing and mixing.

Live Recording

Our newest addition to TribeSound’s services is our multi channel mobile rig! We bring a rack of class A mic pres, converters, and mics to you. We can record up to 16 channels simultaneously and give you a stereo mix as a demo the day of your event. You have the option of taking the files with you to mix on your own or coming into the studio and mixing with us!


Our producers are real professionals who make your final recordings the best they can possibly be. In music, the producer’s role is typically compared to that of a film director as they guide the majority of the processes involved in the creation of a record while fueling the artist’s creativity and helping them fulfill their vision. Working with a well-matched producer can be crucial to the sound of your record. In addition to our regular staff, TribeSound Records has a healthy relationship with some of Philadelphia’s top producers. Rates vary depending on the producer.

Sometimes a producer can really bring your music to life.  Check out some of our before and after tracks below to hear the difference production can make.

MilkBoy the Studio

Our head producer and engineer, Chris Cotter, has now partnered with MilkBoy the Studio in center city, Philadelphia. If you need a bigger live room or prefer to work in Philadelphia we can now accommodate you in MilkBoy’s 1200 sq ft tracking room.

Publishing is a service we’re proud to provide here at TribeSound, but you may be wondering, what is publishing and why do I need it? Publishing, in short, is a way to get your music out into the public eye. For example, say you have a great explosive song that you believe would work well in an action movie; it would be our job to seek that type of placement for your work. Perhaps you have an entire catalogue worth of music that you would like us to represent, which would allow for more options and more chances to be on that next big commercial!

At this point, you’re probably wondering what it is we get out of this. We’re happy to inform you that at TribeSound, we offer non-exclusive publishing deals at a 50/50 split between you, the artist, and us. These royalties will be dispersed by a PRO (performance rights organization), of which there are three major companies – ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. We recommend that you register ALL of the writers with one of these, preferably ASCAP, as it is what we use.

We’ve provided you with a link to ASCAP here.

Publishing FAQs

Many production companies struggle with audio quality and soundtrack recording. Here at TribeSound, making sure your film sounds as good as it looks is our highest priority. In addition to dialog clean up, restoration and audio mixing we have a talented team of music professionals available for soundtrack composition. Our producers can work with you directly to refine your musical concepts or, if need be, we can provide a music director for your film.

Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus

Take a listen to our most recent soundtrack featuring WaveRadio, Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus.