Our producers are real pro’s who make your final recordings the best they can possibly be. In music, the producer’s role is typically compared to that of a film director as they guide the majority of the processes involved in the creation of a record while fueling the artist’s creativity and helping them fulfill their vision. Working with a well-matched producer can be crucial to the sound of your record. In addition to our regular staff, TribeSound Records has a healthy relationship with some of Philadelphia’s top producers. Rates vary depending on the producer.

Sometimes a producer can really bring your music to life.  Check out some of our before and after tracks below to hear the difference production can make.




MilkBoy the Studio

Our head producer and engineer, Chris Cotter, has now partnered with MilkBoy the Studio in center city, Philadelphia. If you need a bigger live room or prefer to work in Philadelphia we can now accommodate you in MilkBoy’s 1200 sq ft tracking room.

MilkBoy the Studio