Label Support

Label Support



Music Publishing is the active pursuit to place and administer licenses for your music and get you paid for the music you create. There is a multitude of mediums that will pay to legally use your music, but our primary focus is placement in films. When you sign a contract with us, you allow us administrative rights to sell your music for you. For the services provided, TribeSound publishing will claim a portion of the composition’s profits. Contracts vary, however we typically working with a 50/50 split arrangement (50% for Publisher & 50% for Artist).

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution refers to your online digital presence, where your music will be available to listeners through frequently used and trusted platforms like Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes and more. Placing your music digitally lowers costs for listeners and increases profits for you. For our digital distribution services TribeSound charges a one-time fee of $35 per album setup. There is also a monthly subscription of $4.99 to keep your music up and running on the multiple platforms that your music will be on. 100% of all royalties go directly to you!


The goal of marketing for TribeSound artists is to increase exposure and discussion. We want your audience sharing and talking about your music, thus increasing your popularity and profitability. We will seek opportunities to get your music radio airplay, radio interviews, live sessions, and written coverage on music review blogs and magazines.

Any questions pertaining to our music publishing, digital distribution, or marketing services can be addressed to Kayla Morgan, at

Publishing FAQs

This means that you are allowing TribeSound Publishing to be the only publishing business to try to find users, issue licenses, and collect royalties on your behalf for a chosen duration of time. Your job is to make the music and perform it, our job will be to sell it. We ask for exclusive rights for the convenience of those we will sell your music to, in order to avoid confusion. For example, if you have 3 non-exclusive publishing  businesses trying to sell your music to the same movie, the movie may get frustrated and might refuse to buy your song.

Monthly reports will be distributed two months after the relevant month.  For example, if the current month is March, you will be receiving your album’s progress report for the month of January.  In these reports, you will be able to see the revenue you are receiving from royalties. The funds from your royalties will be forwarded to you approximately one week from the time they are deposited into our PayPal account, which again will take about two months.

We will never approve a publishing deal without the artist’s approval. For example, if a razor commercial wants to use your song for a commercial but you don’t want your song forever associated with shaving your legs, we will decline the offer.

We are in this line of business because we love music and the people that make it. You did your job creating the music, and TribeSound Publishing is the next step after recording. With TribeSound, you will get personal attention from staff members that genuinely want you to succeed for the sake of exposing good music. Our mission is to ensure that impactful music will reach the ears of those that will love your music as much as we do.